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Excel Spreadsheets That Have Been Deleted May be Recovered

Excel Spreadsheets That Have Been Deleted May be Recovered

The spreadsheet software industry is firmly dominated by Microsoft Excel today, with the company commanding a clear majority of the market. In addition, the company's proprietary XLS format is compatible with the whole spectrum of Microsoft Excel versions, and it has become the de facto standard at both home and in the workplace. It is difficult to exaggerate the number of spreadsheets and the quantity of essential data kept in XLS files all across the globe, and this is especially true in developing countries. But what happens if your computer's hard disk dies and you are unable to access any of your spreadsheets anymore? What happens if you just erase an XLS spreadsheet on which you've spent many hours of laborious effort?

Don't get too worked up over it! Perhaps everything is not yet gone, and you will be able to retrieve all of your information without breaking a sweat. Reduce the amount of time you spend on the computer where the lost data is located in order to increase your chances of a successful recovery. As a result, although you can not be certain that Windows will not write anything to the disk that contains your lost files, the objective is basically to restrict the number of disk write operations performed until you have recovered all of the data from that drive. Any data that is written to a disk that has deleted or inaccessible data on it has the potential to overwrite the deleted files on the drive and destroy the information that was contained in them, and this is likely to happen.

According to anecdotal evidence, one of the worst things you can do is search for a program that can undelete or recover your XLS files, install, and experiment with such applications. Any Web page you view in a browser on a normal PC can generate numerous file writes to a hard disk, decreasing your odds of a successful data recovery attempt. It is also possible that any software that you download or install will be written to your hard drive. Lastly, since not all data recovery solutions are created equal, using the incorrect kind of data recovery software poses an unacceptably high chance of permanently deleting your lost Excel spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel XLS spreadsheets can be found and recovered with the help of DiskInternals Excel Recovery, which was developed especially to do so in a safe and secure manner, no matter how severely your hard drive or file system has been damaged. Whether you have merely deleted an XLS file, DiskInternals Excel Recovery will search the file system for any XLS files that have been deleted lately and will test each file to see if it has a chance of being recovered successfully. In extreme situations, such as when your hard drive has crashed or your file system has been damaged, DiskInternals Excel Recovery will search the whole hard disk's surface in order to identify Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that have not been designated in the file system by the operating system. A list of signatures associated with the Microsoft XLS file format is used by the product to detect precisely the beginning and end of each and every Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on your hard disk, extract and validate their contents and metadata on the fly, and to identify and remove malicious code from the files. In fact, this technique is effective even on drives that are not accessible in Windows!

The product compares the results of the file system scan with the results of the scanning of the hard disk's surface. It then displays the complete list of recoverable Excel spreadsheets, including their file names, metadata, and contents, in order to provide you with the best chance of a successful recovery.

If you only need to recover the most recent version of an Excel spreadsheet, you can use "On the Fly" filters to only show XLS files with a specific title, created by a specific author, or files that contain specific text, are a specific size, or were last saved on a specific date, among other options. With the free edition of DiskInternals Excel Recovery, you can get a complete preview of each file before recovering it, ensuring that you recover just the data you need.

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